How to customize the products? allows you to order Nike Sport Team products in quantities adapted to football teams and clubs.

The main textile products are customizable and you can immediately visualize a simulation of the images or texts on the products.

Dimensions of printing areas

The simulator does not make it possible to exactly reproduce the location and dimensions of the printing areas, the visual displayed is not contractual, in accordance with our general conditions of sale. The actual sizes of the print areas are as follows:

Face - Heart pouch: L 9 x H 9 cm
Face - Chest: W 29 x H 25 cm
Back - Text: W 25 x H 5 cmDos - Number: W 29 x H 25 cm

Left leg (Nike comma side): L 9 x H 9 cm
Right leg: L 9 x H 9 cm

Face - Heart pouch: L 9 x H 9 cm
Face - Opposite sleeve (Nike comma side): L 3 x H 3 cm
Back: W 29 x H 25 cm

Face - Pochette cœur : L 9 x H 9 cm
Back: L 29 x H 25 cm TrousersLight leg: L 3 x H 3 cm
Back: L 29 x H 25 cm TrousersLight leg: L 3 x H 3 cm

Face - Heart pouch: L 9 x H 9 cmFace - Opposite sleeve (Nike comma side): L 3 x H 3 cm
Back: W 29 x H 25 cm

Jacket face - Heart pouch: L 9 x H 9 cm
Jacket face - Opposite sleeve (Nike comma side): L 3 x H 3 cm
Front trousers - Right leg: L 3 x H 3 cmBottle jacket: L 29 x H 25 cm

Simple product (not customizable)

To purchase a non-customizable product, the process breaks down into three steps:

1. "Colors" tab: consult the description of the product and choose the color;

2. "Sizes" tab: whatever the quantity entered, you can mismatch the sizes at this step;

3. "Verification" tab: This screen allows you to check the color and the sizes entered.

By clicking on "add to cart", you validate your choices and can place an order. After this step your selections are no longer editable.

Customizing a product or a pack

1. Pack: "colors" tab:

  • See the description of the pack and products;
  • Choose the colors for each product in the pack;

2. Pack: "customization" tab:

  • Choose a font if you plan to enter text in the personalization areas;
  • Click "Yes" or "No" to add customization areas on the products;
  • The price of impressions is indicated for each zone;
  • Depending on the areas you add, the price of the outfit is automatically updated, as well as the total depending on the quantities you want;
  • Enter text or download images in different areas;
  • Choose the text color according to the zones;
  • Observe the result on the outfit, the images are updated immediately;

The player-specific texts are entered in the next "sizes" step, just click "Yes" if you want to add them.

Use the "add more files" button to send us your vector files if necessary. Read our tips on file quality by clicking here.

3. Pack: "sizes" tab:

Depending on the quantities entered for the product or the pack, the number of blocks corresponds to the number of players.

This step allows you to enter numbers, player names and initials according to the zones you selected in the "personalization" step. These areas may be different for all your players, as well as the sizes that you can mend.

4. Pack: "verification" tab:

At this stage you can check which customization areas you have selected, what content you have entered (text or images), sizes, names, numbers and initials of the players if any.

Each outfit is presented in a single block so that you can check for each player the data entered and the sizes.

Click on "add to cart" to validate your selection before placing the order. Be careful, after this step it will not be possible to change your choices.

Colors used for printing

The colors used for text printing are as follows:

  • BLACK #000000
  • RED # BA0C2F / Pantone 200C
  • GREEN # 64A70B / Pantone 369 C
  • BLUE: # 1E22AA / Pantone 2636C

Attention, according to the colors of the textiles the renderings can vary, the simulation displayed on the screen is not contractual. It does not necessarily reflect the exact colors that will be printed.